KOMU MEDIA helps businesses.

We are very lucky to come across unique companies. They are really special. We operate both on the British and on the Polish market. We bring together best practices and experiences to make our clients grow with our support.

Do you know that over 90% of our clients come from referrals? We are proud to have earned our clients’ trust.

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In Komu Media we believe that the world is about unique ideas, concepts and dreams. We believe in business people’s dreams and that’s why we help them.
There are no two projects, no two brands or no two businesses alike. And this is why we provide tailor-made solutions and tools which help our clients grow.

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Analyses, strategies, marketing funnels, audits: we work on products and brands with full involvement.

Public Relations

Communications, media relations, CSR, Employer Branding, events, marketing of recommendations: we care about the quality of relationships with brands’ environment.

Web Development

Web Development is part of our business as usual. We care about details: from copy and graphics to the highest quality of the code.

Lead Generation

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, display campaigns, native campaigns and remarketing: generating leads and improving their quality shows us that our quality is top notch.

Growth Hacking

Non-standard methods, proven good practices applied in other sectors that may also work in your case: a cherry on top of all we offer to our clients.

Content Marketing

SEM/SEO actions, e-PR, media image, blogs and e-books, books and webinars: these are only a small part of what we do.

Personal branding

Strategy and personal branding (communication, ghostwriting, photo shoots, promotional videos). Proper positioning in the media and building a consistent image. Managing your reputation online.

Employer branding

Building engagement and happiness at work. We strengthen employer branding, we build campaigns to support recruitment, we take care of your reputation online and support internal communication.

Social media

Designing strategy, selecting channels and preparing profiles: it’s just the beginning! We create content, we engage others, we buzz and build relationship with prospects, ambassadors and brand’s partners in the social media.


We create bespoke publications. We design, create content, edit it and print out. Magazines, catalogues, flyers, books: both on paper and in the electronic form (e-publications and e-books). We also create periodicals.

Graphics Design

We can design your logo, promotional and corporate materials, roll-ups, newspapers, flyers and website. We even have experience in designing service cards and discount cards.

Film Production

If videos for your website are not enough, we’ll make a real movie: we develop a script, choose the surroundings or rent a studio, we do the shooting, edit the movie, take care of post-production and release the movie!



KOMU MEDIA offers marketing and marketing communication services.
You can choose one of the optimised basic packages or ask us to prepare an individual plan for you.
If you go for a 12-month contract, you’ll get a 20% discount. But if you don’t know yet how long you will stay with us, you can select a flexible monthly plan.

Small business START package

£299 per month
  • 1 x article (blog)
  • 1 x photo for the article (stock)
  • 1 x graphics (social media)
  • 1 x article (external media)
  • - - -
  • 1h x working on website (SEO)
  • 1h x consultation with marketing strategist

Medium business DEVELOPMENT package

£499 per month
  • 2 x article (blog)
  • 2 x photo for the article (stock)
  • 2 x graphics (social media)
  • 1 x article (external media)
  • 1 x video (social media)
  • 1 x company newsletter
  • - - -
  • 1h x working on website (SEO)
  • 3h x consultation with marketing strategist
  • 2h x programmer’s work on website

Large business EXPANSION package

£999 per month
  • 3 x article (blog)
  • 3 x photo for the article (stock)
  • 3 x graphics (social media)
  • 2 x article (external media)
  • 2 x video (social media)
  • 1 x company newsletter
  • 1 x landing page
  • 1 x cold mailing
  • - - -
  • 1h x working on website (SEO)
  • 5h x consultation with marketing strategist
  • 2h x programmer’s work on website
  • 1h x communication and PR specialist’s work

Net/gross – VAT 0% (reverse charge).

Looking for a tailored offer?


KOMU Team.

We are a special task force: we will solve your problem boost your performance, and think out of the box.
We create above-average products. KOMU MEDIA’s core is about two people, although the team is far bigger.

Dariusz Biniasz

Dariusz Biniasz


Enables the team to focus on key things: creative work and lead generation. Knows people like no one else. He’s the father of success; loves slow life and arts (martial arts in particular).


Anna Godek - Biniasz


Strategist, creative expert, project & account manager experienced in marketing, media and PR on the Polish and British market; loves her job and managing the universe from the backseat.



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